AslanPark, the first large-scale cat zoo in Turkey and nearby countries, opens its doors.
AslanPark which was opened at Viaport Marina, the address of the shopping and entertainment world, was built over a 8-decare land. AslanPark, which contains different units based on the species of the big cats, offers the opportunity to see the big cats you see on the screens, very closely, and get to know about them better.
From where do big cats come to AslanPark
All species at AslanPark are brought from the zoos across Europe, not from their natural habitats. It is aimed to provide them with better opportunities than the parks they have lived. AslanPark is home to the animals that cannot live and will not be able to live in their natural habitats. All our animals are carefully looked after here in an effort to ensure that their species are maintained.
What will you see at AslanPark?
White Lion

White lions, developed as a result of an extremely rare color mutation seen in the African lions of Kruger species, is a very rare species. It is very difficult to encounter white lions which are known for their calmness, in the wilderness. They only exist in limited numbers in the world as it is so difficult to raise them.


The scientific name of lion is “Panthera leo”. Males have long and dreadful manes falling over their shoulders. The weight of a male lion is around 190 -250 kg depending on the environment in which he lives. Whereas the lioness is smaller compared to the male. It is so powerful that it can knock a man down with a stroke of his tail.

Bengal Tiger

A great majority of the tiger population living in the wild today is made up of the Bengal tigers. A large-size male Bengal tiger can grow up to three meters and weigh as much as 290 kg. Despite their weight, they are very good swimmers. Bengal tigers hunt most of the small and large animals. Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, South Tibet, particularly India and Bangladesh are the places where they inhabit to a great extent.


They live in Central Asia, Middle East and Africa. The males weigh around 12–18 kg while the females weigh between 8-13 kg. They are highly ingenious in hiding themselves; a caracal can make itself flash with the ground and stand still; the color of their fur can give them advantage for an excellent camouflage.


Also known as pars. It is smaller and lighter than a tiger and lion. The body length is 1.5 meters, the tail is 1 meter and the weight is around 50 kg. He's a good jumper and a tree climber. It hunts antelopes and other mammals. They live for as long as 20 years. Due to the speckles, they are usually mistaken for cheetah and jaguar. Leopards have circular empty spots whereas the cheetah have filled round spots. They ambush domestic cattle and sheep, monkeys, deer and antelopes. They are one the most dangerous predatory animals.


It is a predatory mammal living in the continent America, also known as “cougar” or “mountain lion”. The length is 120 and the tail is around 70 cm. Some can weigh as much as 100 kg. Females are smaller. Puma is an excellent hunter, master jumper and a good swimmer and can climb trees easily.

Siberian Tiger

The Siberian tiger, also known as the Amur tiger, is a tiger subspecies of feline (cat) family, which inhabits the Siberia. The length of a large Siberian tiger can reach 3.7 meters, one meter of which is the tail. The average weight of a male Siberian tiger living in their natural habitat can reach 600 kg. The Siberian tiger lives in the sparse forests of Siberia. Giant paws and long fur make it possible for the tiger to move easily even in the snow as deep as one meter or more.


The Lynx live solitarily and go hunting usually at dusk and night. Average lifespan of the lynx is between 10-12 years. The lynx can reach a length of 1.30 m and weigh 20-30 kg. Its long legs and short tail ensure that it is resistant to cold and it moves smoothly in thick layers of snow.

Black Panther

Black panther is actually a pars (leopard) and jaguar with speckles and spots on its fur, but looks entirely black due to excess in the number of melanin pigment. This differentiation in colour is not an indication of another species or a subspecies. The individuals with speckles and melanistic fur, among the sibling cubs of the same mother, may coexist. Black panther live in Asia and Africa but their population is higher in Africa.

Strawberry Tiger

Strawberry tiger, also called "golden tiger", is known as a separate species like lion, leopard and puma. Strawberry tiger is one of the rarely seen species in the world. This species can only form as a result of the mating of a baby albino Bengal tiger and a regular Bengal tiger and repetitive mating of their cubs for ten generations more. That's why there are only 20 in the world right now.

What will you be able
to do at AslanPark?
AslanPark is specially designed so that you can see the big cats closely and they can maintain their lives healthily and happily. Big cats will be behind the glass cages, rather than wire cages in their private compartments. So, you can see them much more clearly. The big cats which are accustomed to the people will see you more clearly and they will live in a more spacious area.
Experience to caress and feed the cubs
You will be able to caress and feed the cubs living at our zoo until they reach a certain age. We have an important reminder: Only a limited number of persons can caress our cubs and at certain times. You may ask the staff at the zoo for more information.
AslanPark Photo Gallery
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How to Get to AslanPark?
From Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport;

Take the bus E-9 at S. GOKCEN NIZAMIYE station. Get off the station at TRABLUS SOKAK.

From where you stand, walk towards the station TERSANE KOPRUSU. (7 min.)

From the station TERSANE KOPRUSU, take the bus No. 130 and get off the station SEHITLER CADDESI. (38 min.)

From Ataturk Airport;

Take the metro no. M1A: ATATURK AIRPORT - YENIKAPI at the station ATATURK AIRPORT.

Get off the station at YENIKAPI. 19 min. From where you stand, walk towards the station YENIKAPI.

From the station YENIKAPI, take the metro no. MARMARAY and get off the station at AYRILIKCESMESI. 18 min.

From where you stand, walk towards the station AYRILIKCESMESI. 15 min.

From the station AYRILIKCESMESI, take the bus no. 130 and get off the station at SEHITLER CADDESI.

From Blue Mosque
(Historical Peninsula);

Take the tram no. T1: BAGCILAR - KABATAS at the station SULTANAHMET. Get off the station at SIRKECI.

Walk to quay of KADIKOY. (3 min.)

Take the boat to KADIKOY and get off at KADIKOY. Walk up to the bus stops.

Take the bus no. 130 at the station TUZLA. Get off the station at SEHITLER CADDESI. (68 min.)

Aslan Park Opening / Closing Hours
59,00 ₺ 69,00 ₺